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WCM Program

World Class Manufacturing is a manufacturing system defined by 6 International companies including Fiat Auto with an intention to raise their performances and standards to World Class level with the cooperation of leading European and Japanese experts and which consists of all the processes of the plant including quality, maintenance, cost management and logistics etc. from a universal point of view.

Although the preparation studies started in January 2008, Mako has been the 3rd plant in which the programme officially started with a Kick-Off meeting on 4th March 2008, in Automotive Lighting Group.

After having selected the model fields by determining what kind of losses concentrate in which fields, than Pillar Teams-Field Teams and Pillar Leaders- Field Leaders who will carry out the activities in such fields together with the entire workers of those fields, are elected. WCM foresees 10 technical Fields and 10 Administrative Fields. The levels of accomplishment in technical fields are indirectly affected by the level of accomplishment in administrative fields.   

Technical Fields:

1) SA: Safety (Occupational safety)
2) CD Cost Deployment (Distribution of Costs)
3) FI Focused Improvement
4a) AM Autonomous Maintenance
4b) WO Workplace Organization
5) PM Professional maintenance
6) QC Quality Control
7) LO Logistics & Customer Service
8) EEM Early equipment Management
9) PD people Development
10) EN Environment

Administrative Fields:

1) Management Commitment  
2) Clarity of Objectives
3) Route map to WCM                
4) Allocation of Highly Qualified People to Model Areas  
5) Commitment of the Organization
6) Competence of Organization towards Improvement
7) Time and Budget
8) Level of Detail
9) Level of Expansion
10) Motivation of Operators


During the audits each technical and administrative field is assessed with a point between 0 and 5 and the accomplishment of WCM Programme in a relevant plant is assessed over 100 points in consideration of the fact that there are 20 fields.

While the assessment is being performed by external experts, the categories which a plant must pass in order to be evaluated a s a World Class are as follows:

Bronze level 50-60 points,
Silver Level: 60-70 points
Golden Level: 70-85 points
World Class manufacturer: 85 and above

With domestic production of diodes began

As a result of studies to enhance localization in recent times, equivalent local diode group production is started.

MAKO Social Activities Clubs

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Social Activities Club: Our club which organizes activities such as urban and suburban travels, theatre and cinema etc. activities which we can participate with our friends.